Barack Obama and Joe Biden - The Unofficial Man Hug Day Ambassadors

The world's first Man Hug Day!

6 August 2017

First held in 2018, International Man Hug Day is an initiative of Project HAND Inc to raise awareness of male suicide in Australia and around the world on 6 August every year. Why 6/8/17? Because today 8 Australians will die by suicide and 6 of will be men. 


Man Hug Day aims to create connections and conversations between men to challenge the stoicism of masculinity that often prevents men for seeking help and understanding their mental wellbeing. On International Man Hug Day, we challenge people to reach out to the men and boys in their life (strangers too) and share a Man Hug! If you're not convinced, even science says you should take the Man Hug Day Challenge! 


If you're up for the Man Hug Challenge here is how you can join the tribe: 


  1. Find a man and give him a hug 

  2. Take a photo or video

  3. Upload to social media #manhugday 

  4. Nominate 6 friends to take the Man Hug Day challenge 

  5. Donate $1 for every man hug to a mental health charity. By donating to Project HAND Inc you'll help us provide free mental health care to young Australians.