"I can't afford it" Should never be an excuse for not seeing a mental health professional. 

Life hasn't been going as planned recently, you've seen your GP and she has recommended going to see a psychologist. You do some research and realise the Australian Psychological Society recommend fee is $241 for a one hour consultation. You realise you can't afford the cost and decide 'I'll get through, I'm tough!' and don't go. 

For many Australians this is one of the largest barriers to accessing mental health care. While Medicare subsidise up to 10 consultations annually, there are often additional gap payments or full costs once the Mental Health Plan runs out. 

At Project HAND Inc. we want to remove as many barriers to accessing mental health care as possible. If you are unable to afford your recommended mental health care costs, Project HAND Inc. can fund your treatment costs if you meet the Psychology Funding Selection Criteria.  Join our mailing lists to find out when we are accepting applications.