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About Us

Born out of lived experience of mental illness and working with individuals with complex mental illnesses, Project HAND Inc. was founded in Brisbane in 2016. Operated by a team of dedicated volunteers, we work towards an Australia where mental health is seen as being as important as our physical health. 

At Project HAND, we believe in empowering a mentally healthy Australia through education, prevention and recovery projects aimed at reducing the stigma around mental illness, providing skills and services to manage life's stressors and to increase access to mental health care and support services. 

As a nation we are aware of the importance of our mental health, we are taking that awareness and turning it into action; to empower individuals and communities to respond when someone says they aren't okay, to recognise signs in themselves and others and to reduce barriers to accessing the health care they need. 

We believe there is strength in speaking. 

"We believe in a mentally healthy Australia. Where conversations about mental health and suicide are supportive and stigma-free"

Our Mission

To proactively improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Australians through early intervention, preventative and recovery programs. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

A mentally healthy Australia

How we do it

Education | Prevention | Recovery 

Work Presentation
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