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Mental Health Care Support

"I can't afford it" should never be a barrier to accessing health care

At Project HAND, we know there are many barriers to accessing the right mental health care at the right time. For many, the financial cost can be a barrier.


Picture this: 

You've overcome the stigma and found the strength in speaking, you've just got home from seeing your GP and you have a referral to a psychologist. You do some research and realise the Australian Psychological Society recommended fee is $300* for a one-hour consultation. You decide you can't afford the cost and decide to not go ahead with the referral. 

For many, the financial costs of treatment (despite the availability of Medicare rebates) and the availability of a suitable professional limit the accessibility of the right treatment at the right time. ​

At Project HAND Inc. we want to remove as many barriers to accessing mental health care as possible. If you are unable to afford your recommended mental health care costs, Project HAND Inc. may fund your treatment costs if you meet the Psychology Funding Selection Criteria.  Join our mailing lists to find out when we are accepting applications. We hope to one day be in a position to operate fee-free/no-gap services. 


Please note: we are not currently accepting support applications. 

*for a 46-60 minutes consultation excluding any Medicare rebate entitlement - correct as of 01/08/2023 and valid to 30/06/2024

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